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Artbridge Constructs Beauty

Somewhere between the poles of strictly illegal graffiti and corporate-driven private commissions lies a third path: publicly-sanctioned art. ArtBridge, an innovative nonprofit founded by Rodney Durso and led by Executive Director Stephen Pierson, bridges this gap. This organization pulls from the best of both worlds, utilizing private access to public canvasses provided by New York City’s massive stretches of construction in their mission to create fresh opportunities for artists. In the proces

RSVP: Exploring Terms of Entry

My sophomore year of high school, I threw a Boom Boom Room themed party in my rural Pennsylvanian garage. The concrete space, decorated solely by clutter and my father’s Grateful Dead posters, would never resemble what I considered New York’s most exclusive club. Still, I tried to install a sense of prestige with stern invitations advising that there would be no food, only water, and that all attendees must wear sequins. I spun a Grooveshark playlist with MSTRKRFT’s remix of Justice’s “DANCE” as

Kirk Gallery Unveils A Stunning Mural By Fintan Magee in Aalborg

After nearly two weeks of painting, Australian street artist Fintan Magee completed his powerful new mural titled “Structure” for the fifth edition of Out in the Open festival, hosted in Aalborg, Denmark by KIRK Gallery. The festival’s lineup, we reported on in April 2019, featured seven artists from five different countries all over the world. The festival intends to “break away from a museum setting and have street art of the highest caliber more accessible to the public.” Magee’s contribution

Come Back Daily Live Mural Painting Event & 18 x 24 Street Art Group Show

Monday, July 1st will mark the closing of the 18 x 24 Street Art Group Show at Come Back Daily, an “experiential cannabidiol (CBD) hub” located in Manhattan’s East Village, according to a press release by the startup company. The show, curated by Harlem-native Savior El Mundo, showcases an impressive lineup of renowned NYC artists working in different mediums, from pop artist Pitch Black to collage constructor Denise Cummings, infamous wheatpaster SacSix and recent Bloomingdales feature Marco Sa

2 Murals By Nevercrew Depicting The Entangled Forces Of Human Society And Nature

Nevercrew, the street art duo hailing from Switzerland, has acquired notoriety thanks to their passion for artfully depicting the entangled forces of human society and nature. This month, they completed two large scale works in Europe that directly communicate this consistent theme in a perpetually evolving fashion. The pair harnessed the power of innovation in completing “Celsius”, which they state is a “thermochromic mural painting that reacts to temperature change.” The mural can be found at

Pejac Spends 11 Days Inside El Dueso Spain’s Oldest Prison

Street art takes its creators to unpredictable places: skyscrapers’ facades, abandoned power plants, foreign nations, or any combination of the aforementioned. It can even take one to jail if they paint without permission. In his quest “to continue the conveying of his extraordinary views and art in the most peculiar places” Barcelona-based street artist PEJAC brought his talents to Spain’s oldest prison, the Penitentiary Center of El Dueso. A press release for the project explains that this ic

A Massive Mural by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada On Child Labor in NYC

New York City is an uncontested center of art world at large, including street art in particular. However, the city’s bustling center, populated by its most iconic skyscrapers and monuments, is somewhat bereft of murals. Midtown and the neighborhoods bordering its North are so heavily trafficked, so infused with the money flowing throughout them on a daily basis, that any street art put up surreptitiously in the nigh is quickly removed to restore the tourist-scrubbed image. Furthermore, large-sc

One Blue Sky: An Art Intervention That Aims To Instill Within Children A Shared Humanity

Later this month, the end of May will not only usher in the summer season, but also the beginning of a new educational art endeavor brought to fruition with help from Samantha Robison, founder and director of aptART. One Blue Sky is a new project by Laura Rodgers, Director of The Good Works Foundation. The venture is founded and funded by the foundation, which “supports and promotes teaching kindness, caring and empathy to young children through books, games, media, group projects and activities

Documentary/Book Review: Sky’s The Limit.

“Murals, or cave or rock art, are as old as mankind itself,” begins Jérôme Thomas, in the introduction to his new book Sky’s The Limit. The sumptuously printed, handover compilation accompanies its author’s recent film documenting the tremendous undertakings of street artists in their quest to create large-scale murals. Thomas is a well-equipped authority on the subject. The preface to his book explains that he has “been involved with graffiti for a good twenty years, going from being a writer,

Jad El Khoury: An Artist Grappling With A Society In Denial

At this year’s annual Arte Laguna Prize in Venice (Italy), Nuart’s Martyn Reed convened a Land Art/Urban Art panel intended to explore the growing pervasiveness of street art in creating “museums without walls.” Populated by professionals including Dr. Susan Hansen of Nuart, independent curator Simone Pallotta, and Mattias Givell of Wanas Konst, the discussion “[reflected], from different perspectives, on the new tendencies and directions both in urban art and land art, offering a challenging di

Book Review: Street Art Las Vegas

On April 12th, 2019 William Shea and Patrick Lai released their joint project Street Art Las Vegas. The book, published by local outfit Smallworks Press, outlines the intricacies of the city’s evolving street art scene. With special thanks given to entities like Las Vegas Arts District and City of Las Vegas, the pages burst with hometown pride and helpful advice to the readers they will inspire to visit. This new compilation stands out for its vibrant photography, which illustrates a city housin

A Stunning Mural By Fintan Magee In Papeete, Tahiti

Australian street artist Fintan Magee recently traveled to Papeete, Tahiti to complete his newest mural “Strength of Memory”. The five-story project, found in French Polynesia’s capital city, was curated by ONO’U Tahiti, an organization that promotes public art on the island. ONO’U hosts a yearly graffiti festival and also hosts street art tours, in addition to their work curating interventions by famed international artists. With this partnership, Magee once again brings his emotionally artisti

A Mini Mural By Axel Void On Family Unity in Havana

Last month, Haitian-American-Spanish street artist Alejandro Hugo Dorda Mevs Aka Axel Void completed a small-scale mural in Havana, Cuba. In a press release for the project, the artist explains, “this image is based on a still from a short film I am working on. The film is based on a family living in the neighborhood of San Isidro, in Habana, Cuba. The area is a poor but a very lively place, where kids play endlessly in the streets and all the house doors are open to let the air and conversation

About This Town: A Mural By Artez In Madrid

March 3rd, 2019 concluded the third edition of Urvanity Art Fair, a relatively new urban art festival in Madrid, Spain. Urvanity’s manifesto emphasizes the importance of new trends in the manner with which art and cities interact, and the festival has dubbed itself “a platform for a New Contemporary Art.” Simultaneously though, Urvanity focuses on innovation through the lens of tradition as it relates to the festival’s setting, noting that “it is important not only to consider the work itself bu

2 Murals By Dulk In Costa Rica

Continuing what has already proved an exciting year, Spanish muralist Antonio Segura Donat, also known as Dulk, marked his first forays into Costa Rica with two recent murals in Jacó. Both murals were curated by Artify Jaco, a local entity which organizes street art initiatives to beautify the city. Situated on Costa RIca’s West coast and hailed for its surfing beaches, Jacó provided an ideal, lush location for the artist’s environmentally-minded works. Dulk first completed “Fragile” which ador

Legacy: A Mural By Dulk In Maui, Hawai’i for Seawalls

As polar temperatures plunged the nation into nearly unlivable tundra conditions, marine life in Hawai’i sprang to action with a frenzy seen only once a year. Humpback whales migrate to the area’s waters in droves for breeding season, which begins in January and crescendoes in February. To celebrate the momentous annual occasion, Spanish street artist Antonio Segura Donat aka Dulk ventured to Maui, and completed his latest mural titled “Legacy”. Dulk has visited the island state before, and his

Blek Le Rat Tours Texas and Tennessee

I am from coal country. Though I live in New York now, I still have a special affinity for middle American culture, for gas station with worn neon signs advertising showers for truckers. I swoon over cheap motels where couples likely rendezvoused in the seventies, and dive bars where smoking indoors is still legal. I have traveled forgotten towns between New York and Pensacola, and the entire length of Texas. My next ambition is to drive the length of highway I-10, thereby exploring Texas’s widt

Catching Up With Engy Al Garf, An Egyptian Artist based in NYC

I covered Engy Al Garf’s innovative heat map mural in Giza back in November, and impossibly drawn in by her thoughtful style, began following her career. When I learned through Instagram that she had recently moved to New York, I endeavored to meet the artist in person. She suggested the Upper East Side, an area I know intimately through my day job. Where would we meet? Sant Ambroeus is a favorite, I had seen Dustin Hoffman there just a few weeks before, but finding a table can be impossible. La

Is Urban History Repeating Itself In Lynn, MA?

As a symbol of artistic authenticity, the popularity of street art has given rise to festivals around the world. Depending on who is putting the festival together, its purpose might range from “social-bonding [or] place-making, [to] place-marketing.” The power of street art extends beyond its provocative messages, as the addition of a large-scale, powerful mural solidifies a location’s identity. These festivals can also change as dominant forces in their environment shift. This transformation is

Our Own Top 10 Murals Of 2018

Street art continued to take over the world in 2018, adorning cities around the globe with massive works of gigantic expression. As cultural revolutions change the way we consider economic, political and social systems, the most notable murals of the previous year found intuitive ways to express both dissent and hope. Beyond the art itself, the street art world stands apart from its cohorts with a focus on clout nearing cults of personalities. Though the themes were generally harmonious, the mos
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