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Nuart’s 20th Anniversary Lockdown Edition Paste-Ups.

In a world of eight billion voices, I believe statistics is the only unbiased force to be trusted. I venerate the proverbial ‘bell curve’ as if it were a near-divine concept, this idea that the normal distribution governs every area of our earthly lives. This view means that as the COVID-19 crisis mounted, I assumed most people would gather around the average, acting in a mixed bag manner that married resilience with paranoia. I also assumed there would be smaller amount of people deviating towa

Wallspot, More Than An Urban Art Platform

Growing global appreciation for street art has animated every set of eyes that interacts with the medium. As this art form has gained widespread renown, studio artists have taken their talents to the streets in search of fresh air and increased connection with viewers. Tourists have come to understand public art as a visual face of each city’s identity. Community cultures are celebrated on the facades that citizens pass each day. Business owners are harnessing the unique power that art possesses

Global Creative Initiative Stay Art Home By PEJAC

The spectacular Spanish artist PEJAC occupies a special class of public artists who pushes their medium to new levels. He has painted Spain’s oldest prison with a project that declared the existence of common, uniting humanity. He has installed climate change awareness in the middle of the sea. The artist’s own biography states his commitment to “clever twists on familiar images and skillfully reinventing the public space.” At this moment in history where much of the world is sequestered into is

Mural By Fintan Magee On Aboriginal Struggles To Coexist

Australian street artist Fintan Magee recently returned to his home country, where he finished a stunning new mural titled ‘Meeting Point.’ The artist painted his endeavor in Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia, 752 kilometers from Lismore, the town where he was born in the same state. In an Instagram comment regarding the mural, Magee explained, that ‘Meeting Point’ depicts “a portrait of three generations of a Wiradjuri family, painted on the exterior of Dubbo base hospital. The space acts as a

Coronavirus Sucks!

Greetings, it’s great to see you here! Have you been scouring the internet, waiting for your favorite outlets to publish new content, waiting for Street Art United States to bring you the latest and greatest artistic interventions from around the globe? Of course you have. We all have. For the most part, we’re all locked on the same boat, self-isolating in our homes at the hands of the ever-escalating coronavirus pandemic. In New York City, the vaunted epicenter of the United States’ battle aga

Portrait Of A Spanish Civil War Militiawoman By Roc Blackblock

Last month, revolutionary graffiti writer and muralist Roc Blackblock brought his anti-fascist message to a massive facade in Barcelona, Spain. The artist’s latest mural, titled ‘Barcelona Antifeixista’ stands tall amongst the city’s health district, “on a dividing wall of the Kasa de la Muntanya, a busy health space,” according to local news source Beteve. In a statement regarding the new work, Blackblock explained that ‘Barcelona Antifeixista’ depicts a woman photographed on August 28th, 1936

The Webster Court Project In Newton, MA

“An old Victorian house sits vacant in Newton, Massachusetts,” begins a press release from the Webster Court Project. The innovative endeavor capitalized upon an otherwise unused, relatively ancient home purchased by Christopher Zakak and Joelle Tomb, who were required to wait one year before demolishing it to utilize the coveted land. “Within the creaky walls and the overgrown lawn are dust-coated cabinets, ornate wallpaper, and fireplaces with coals preserved. Transformed by a collective of B

Nevercrew In Mardid, Spain

Nevercrew continues to explore their unique style’s potential with their latest mural. The Swiss street art duo recently completed “Offset” in Madrid, Spain for Urvanity Art Fair while exhibiting with Artrust gallery, according to a press release from the artists. With “Offset,” Nevercrew sharpens the sensibilities they’ve been practicing with their most recent body of work, which dutifully conducts “the search for artworks that could react directly to reality, to human action and to human infl

Mexican artists Said Dokins, Cix, and Spaik Bring Vibrancy to Maximum Security Penitentiary in Morelia, Mexico

I’m interested in beliefs. I’m interested in those beliefs that sit at the foundation of an individual’s character, where all corollary beliefs, perspectives, and in turn, personality traits spring from. I’m interested in lowest common denominators. In my experience discerning my own beliefs, a necessary function of growth, I’ve come to find that the strongest ones do not disintegrate under difficult circumstances. They may waver, but they don’t fall apart. If they do, they’re not beliefs but c

Our Own Top 15 Murals Of 2019

2019 was a pivotal year in our progressing world history, but then again, what year isn’t? Perhaps the most memorable advancements to be noted throughout the last year don’t lie in the problems that occupied our minds, like climate change, terrorism, or financial inequality. Perhaps, instead, the greatest change worth noting is our collective response to these issues. As long as the world exists, there will always be problems. This is an unfortunate yet persistent fact. As our species grows olde

Millo & Chekos’art for 167 Art Project 2019, Lecce, south Italy

167/B Street, a street art incubator based in Lecce, Italy, completed the third edition of their 167 Art Project at the turn of the decade. This prominent organization hosts a variety of interventions throughout their southern Italian city, perhaps most notably the Casalbate Street Summer Festival on which we reported in September 2018. The latest edition of the 167 Art Project employed the talents of two domestic artists who hail from the Apulian territory to breathe fresh energy into Lecce’s

In Conversation With Spanish Artist Ampparito

Spanish street artist Ampparito marches to the beat of his own creative drum, but doesn’t level criticisms against the artistic cadences of others. Ampparito’s bio explains that his work focuses on “subverting objects, meanings, and realities to generate new experiences or situations.” His results range “from the most absolute indifference to the deepest reflection, through disorientation or contemplation.” Ampparito recently, literally, turned art on its head with his work for Desire Lines, on

Catching Up With Polish Artist Someart

In June 2019, Estonia hosted Stencibility Street Art Festival in Tartu, its second-largest city. The festival’s website states that it sought to foster street art “in its most authentic quintessential definition.” Stencibility outlined the tenets of such a definition with their manifesto stating that that “(1) public space belongs to everyone who uses it (2) it is everyone’s duty to take care of it like you would in your own home (3) the purpose of street art is to enrich, not ruin, public space

Empowering Students To Become Innovators & Creative Thinkers Through Art

Not one of the artists we report on was born a fully-fledged creative. Their individual bodies of work stem from education, whether that education is experiential or formal. An early exposure to the arts is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child; it expands their minds and unlocks new insights that wouldn’t be achieved in other courses of study. However, because the arts have not been historically regarded as ‘practical’ compared with other subjects, instruction in this area often faces

2 Murals For Urban Myths In Minsk, Belarus

This month witnessed the completion of the massive “Future” Triptych in Minsk, Belarus. The project, initiated by Urban Myths, consists of “three huge murals on the walls of 12-story buildings near the wide road in Minsk, which is a kind of ‘gateway of the city’ on the west side,” according to a press release by the organization. “Three artists from three different countries will create their work based on their impressions of Belarus, which is now changing due to active youth and the developmen

Degrowth: A Negative Growth Of An Economy Or A Population

There is only one thing we can count on in this chaotic universe: nothing lasts forever. Nothing lives forever, keeps its shape forever, or even stays in the same place forever, because place is in many ways relative and even if one particle remains fixed, the things surrounding it shift, thus relatively altering its location. Following this logic, nothing grows forever. This is frightening when you consider the fact that our economy, our system that divvies out the resources necessary for life

Akumal Arts Festival 2019 Themes

This year, Akumal Arts Festival (AAF) invited 130 artists to adorn the town’s many surfaces with murals. In providing inspiration and guidance, they offered the formal theme ‘Climate Change,’ a fitting focus for a festival that takes place in town ripe with natural life. Some artists followed the guidelines, others came armed with their own muses. Parallels emerged from the activity throughout. Ultimately, the messages behind the murals of AAF are as unique as the styles that populated its offer

Of Women, By Women

Thursday, December 12th marks the beginning of Wendy Horwitz’s potentially ephemeral curating career, with the opening of “Of Women, By Women” at The Storefront Project. Horwitz, of relative Instagram fame for her documentation of NYC’s street art scene under the handle, told me this is the first show she’s ever curated, and it might be her last. “Who knows?” Horwitz laughed. “This show happens to be a passion project. It wasn’t even my idea. A year and a half ago, in the summert

Three Murals By Artez In Eastern Europe

This fall, street artist Artez toured Eastern Europe, completing three new murals in Belarus and Serbia. Artez, who originally hails from Serbia himself, took the opportunity to explore some new topics and techniques with his work. Fall is a time of transition, and only time will tell if these new attributes become permanent fixtures in the artist’s repertoire. First, Artez visited the Belarusian capital of Minsk to complete a large-scale mural titled “Precious Things” / “Freelance” for the cit

An Overview Of The Second Edition Of Akumal Arts Festival in Akumal, Mexico

November 11th, 2019 concluded the second edition of the annual Akumal Arts Festival (AAF) in Akumal, Mexico. By strict facts, the festival lasted four days and hosted over 130 international artists who painted murals, taught workshops, and participated in both an opening and closing ceremony. Weeks before I disembarked to cover the festival in person, its organizers had testified to the place’s singular magic. Once immersed in that atmosphere, I understood the subtle, yet meaningful attributes t
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