I hold a degree in Marketing & Art History from Fordham University (cum laude, 2017) and possess an obvious passion for empowering creators to better share their stories with the public. I enjoy working with all manner of artistic entrepreneurs to draft artist statements, press releases, and any other forward-facing content intended to jazz an audience on a certain project. Drop me a line via email or through my contact page to talk about how I can help you add a new measure of polished professionalism to your endeavor.


  • Elmar Karla - muralist, fine artist, illustrator and tattoo artist based in Bremen (GE)
  • LAPIZ - street artist, muralist, and fine artist based in Hamburg (GE)
  • Ella Santos - fine artist based in Bronx, NY
  • Mace - Graffiti writer and fine artist based in Bronx, NY
  • CZR PRZ - Muralist, fine artist, and creative lead based in Chicago, IL.
  • RAISE KARMA - spiritually-minded international artist collective.

"The way Vittoria Benzine eloquently described my work made me feel as though she had been with me throughout my life in art. She accurately portrayed my style and influences, and brought out a sense of distinction to my process that normally is hard for me to explain. She definitely impressed me and made me feel like I'm much closer now to describing my work, and to be able to expand into the next level of my career."  CZR PRZ, Chicago-based muralist and Partner/Creative Lead at Ava Grey Creative Agency & Production House

(image via yourban2030)