I hold a degree in Marketing & Art History from Fordham University (cum laude, 2017) and possess an obvious passion for empowering creators to better share their stories with the public. I enjoy working with all manner of artistic entrepreneurs to draft artist statements, press releases, and any other forward-facing content intended to jazz an audience on a certain project. Drop me a line via email or through my contact page to talk about how I can help you add a new measure of personality to your endeavor.

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"The way Vittoria Benzine eloquently described my work made me feel as though she had been with me throughout my life in art. She accurately portrayed my style and influences, and brought out a sense of distinction to my process that normally is hard for me to explain. She definitely impressed me and made me feel like I'm much closer now to describing my work, and to be able to expand into the next level of my career."  CZR PRZ, Chicago-based muralist and Partner/Creative Lead at Ava Grey Creative Agency & Production House

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Alexandra Sheldon: A Month in Brittany at Bromfield Gallery

Alexandra Sheldon, Brittany, 2017. Acrylic, gouache, pen, collage on paper, 16 x 20 in. Courtesy of the artist. Cambridge-based artist Alexandra Sheldon began her forty year career at age fifteen. March 5th opens Sheldon’s latest solo show, ‘A Month in Brittany,’ at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston’s South End. The exhibition showcases, for the first time, this full collection of works completed by Sheldon in 2017. “This work was made in a month in Brittany,” Sheldon explained. “I was involved

The ‘Art World’ is Made Up of Individuals--‘Love Letters to Harlem’ at Claire Oliver Gallery.

By VITTORIA BENZINE March, 2021 February 22nd opened ‘Love Letters to Harlem,’ the latest exhibition on view at Harlem-based Claire Oliver Gallery. This group show compiles four established photographers from the local neighborhood, including John Pinderhughes, Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Jeffrey Henson Scales, and Shawn Walker. A press release also notes that a portion of the show’s proceeds will benefit Harlem Community Relief Fund, a joint endeavor to combat food insecurity in Harlem. “In t

Kerry Irvine: Shifting Spaces

Kerry Irvine, The Bullfighter and Ballerina, 2020. Oil and mixed media on paper, 50 x 84 in. Kerry Irvine’s paintings beg to be plucked and savored straight from the bough. The New York City-based abstract expressionist seduces her classically discordant style into something juicy, scintillating and luscious. However, even with decades of practice under her belt, Irvine’s sensuality is still susceptible to circumstance. Shifting Spaces, Irvine’s latest solo show, explores the impact this past y

Mumbai Based Artist Askhita Gandhi teamed up with poet Anukrti Upadhyay to create "Traveling Souls"

“We are all sentenced to solitary confinement inside our own skins,” American playwright Tennessee Williams once remarked. In response, Mumbai-based visual artist Askhita Gandhi asks, “During the lockdown our bodies were confined, but where were our souls?” Gandhi teamed up with poet Anukrti Upadhyay to create Traveling Souls, a virtual exhibition that pairs Gandhi’s digitally re-worked photographs with Upadhyay’s pensive language to document the adventures of two spirits breaking free from qua

JEFRË: Points of Connection at Orlando Museum of Art

JEFRË: Points of Connection is now on view at the Orlando Museum of Art. The exhibition scales down this world-renowned public artist’s typical fare, noted for its awe-inspiring size and intuitive attention to detail, distilling this latter quality into saturated, bite-sized portions. Sprawling over six galleries, Points of Connection welcomes viewers into the artist’s inner world, sharing his full story in this setting for the first time. Where the new normal often fails to deliver the authenti

Future Novel, Jack Mernin’s debut NYC solo show at Trotter&Sholer

The first time I walked into Future Novel, Jack Mernin’s debut NYC solo show at Trotter&Sholer, a flash of color caught my eye and set my stomach on a freefall. The red and brown hues provoking my sickness didn’t come from a canvas, but the cover of a book. For this show, Trotter&Sholer partnered with Book Club Bar “to bring viewers into conversation with Mernin,” according to a press release. Several works of literature sat stacked at the gallerists’s desk, each one an inspiration to the artist

Trotter & Sholer’s LES Debut – Anak Dara: A Solo Show by Azzah Sultan

The new normal looks nothing like I thought it would. A disparity which makes me realize how impossible it is to predict anything. Suddenly I’m acutely aware of my own mortality, a sensation akin to the first time I realized adults were people too. The new normal looks nothing like I thought it would, but it exists without a doubt, and it has an excitement of its own, as society cobbles together a path through the COVID-19 pandemic. New leadership has started to take shape, driven by forces for

Azzah Sultan's "Anak Dara" at Trotter&Sholer

NYC-based boutique art firm Trotter&Sholer commemorates their first brick and mortar space on Thursday, September 10th with their first opening: a debut solo show presenting works by rising talent Azzah Sultan. The opening reception for Anak Dara will take place from 5:00 until 8:00PM at 168 Suffolk Street on Manhattan’s ever-trendy Lower East Side. Trotter&Sholer’s press release explains that “The term Anak Dara literally translates to virgin, but is used colloquially to mean young unmarried g

Internationally renowned New York City drummer/composer Rodney Green Launches "Purgatory Perceptions" - a new live web series

Internationally renowned New York City based drummer/composer Rodney Green has launched a new live web series. At a time where live performances are impossible and tours have been cancelled around the globe, Purgatory Perceptions stands firm as a cultural salon committed to fostering new relationships and meaningful discussions across the creative community. Purgatory Perceptions recaptures the spontaneity lost amongst shelter-in-place and social distancing. Like a night out at a new bar or hou

Iris Scott’s The Big Wonderful

For the past six months, renowned finger painting maestro Iris Scott has been working in a quaint shack outside of a little town called Coyote, New Mexico. In New York City, Scott established a strong reputation among critics like Jerry Saltz and Anthony Haden-Guest — as well as a significant social media following — for her dizzying use of color in painting scenes of startling intricacy using only her be-gloved hands. Now, near Coyote, once proclaimed “the toughest town in the West” by The Chic