I perform periodically, for several reasons. First and foremost, I love the experience of sharing my work directly with an audience. The immediate feedback of people approaching me after shows embodies the reason I write, for connection. I love to hear people's thoughts. Also, I think there's value in contextualizing my work. I am still struggling to encapsulate every delicate theme I'd like to instill in my essays; there's a consistent thread I'm grasping at, that a petite, well-spoken girl like myself is capable of atrocity not through the power of strict dichotomy, but because everyone has complexity to them. Demons are healthy, unavoidable, fascinating.

Live readings comprise a crucial component of the 21st century writer's toolbox. For those endeavoring to make this their paying livelihood, we must consider ourselves both artists and entrepreneurs. Readings help with publication. Finally, as a recovering alcoholic who misses the attention she could garner on a barstool, I find the stage a suitable stand-in.

So here is a log of the shows I've done, and updates on upcoming occasions. Come watch me read! I love audience interactions - heckle me, cheer for me, join in my occasional self-deprecation. 

Moderating a panel on the intricacies of female creativity for the 'Of Women, By Women' group show at The Storefront Project on 12-19-19. In conversation with NYC-based artists LoveMKM, Butterflymush, and Lexi Bella.
Featuring at NYC Voices by The Inspired Word on 12-13-19 at Hell Phone. Debuted "Upside Down," privately titled by me "Fuck a Mask I Want That Hoe to Know It's Me."
Featuring at The Secret Loft's monthly poetry/prose night on 9-26-19. First full, live reading of 'Bed Mates.'
Featuring at NYC Voices by The Inspired Word on 7-12-19 at Hell Phone. Debuting unpublished piece on every hipster I slept with in North Brooklyn. You will definitely read this when I finalize it.
Reading teaser for 'By Any Means' at the Lumina Launch Party on 5-24-19 at Grill on the Hill.
Featuring at My Life In Yellow's curatorial debut, a night of prose/poetry at Coney Island Baby on 3-24-19. Read 'By Any Means.'
Featuring at "NYC Voices" hosted by The Inspired Word on 3-8-19 at Hell Phone. Debuted unpublished piece on waitressing under the Verrazano Bridge after college. You'll definitely get to read this when I get around to finalizing it.
Open Mic Slot at "Titillating Tongues" erotica prose/poetry event hosted by The Inspired Word on 2-15-19 at Hell Phone. Trained two months with Jaden Smith's personal trainer to prepare for the set's big reveal, dropping my cheetah print coat to reveal the lingerie beneath. Read unpublished story about my 21st birthday in Ocean City, Maryland. Someday you might get to read that.
Debuting 'The Wasted Years' at Berl's Poetry Shop on 2-18-19, curated by Helena Deda.
Debuting 'By Any Means' at Muchmore's on 11-30-18, curated by Helena Deda.