Fine Art

Kati Heck at Frieze New York

The Antwerp-based Tim Van Laere Gallery will present three new works by artist Kati Heck at this year’s online edition of Frieze New York. This exhibition will run from May 8th until May 15th, with a preview available May 6th to May 7th. Heck’s latest work builds upon the themes she’s established throughout her career, infusing them with a fresh energy. While her previous works possess an air of portraiture, her recent endeavors incorporate more action. A press release notes that with this new s

Iris Scott’s The Big Wonderful

For the past six months, renowned finger painting maestro Iris Scott has been working in a quaint shack outside of a little town called Coyote, New Mexico. In New York City, Scott established a strong reputation among critics like Jerry Saltz and Anthony Haden-Guest — as well as a significant social media following — for her dizzying use of color in painting scenes of startling intricacy using only her be-gloved hands. Now, near Coyote, once proclaimed “the toughest town in the West” by The Chic

Méïr Srebriansky: Age of Resin

I Fell, It's Pretty, 2020, Oil paint, epoxy, and spray paint on canvas, 36 inches diameter. Desperate times don’t necessarily call for desperate measures, but they do require thoughtful, creative solutions. While the world turns to art in an effort to cope with the fallout of mandatory isolation, artists like Méïr Srebriansky, have committed to sharing their work. Srebriansky’s first New York City solo show, Age of Resin, opened on March 5th at 81 Leonard Gallery. However, as its press relea

Alexis Kandra Defies Stereotype

Many artists talk the talk. With pensive eyes and a measured cadence, Alexis Kandra defies this stereotype. Her work speaks for itself, lilting in powerful tones that betray immense technical ability and an innovative eye for conceptual design. Kandra’s creations come stocked with dichotomies; they juxtapose oil paintings of the softer natural world against quantum physics’ precision. Kandra paints hyperrealistic animals and sets them atop stark space-time fields. She dedicated herself to paint

Conversations with a Chat Girl: Orange Li

I am no stranger to esoteric discussions with artists. My staunch belief in the law of attraction enables many interviews to veer off course into a familiar territory, comparing the numerous coincidental moments of serendipity that come to shape our mere existences into lives. Though I was acquainted with Orange Li’s remarkable narrative from attending her sold out show, Diary of a Chat Girl, at B[x] spaces in October, nothing could have prepared me for the deep conversation we would share in th